How to send ebooks to Kindle

You can send most borrowed ebooks from Sora to Kindle. This option is only available for schools in the U.S.

  1. Go to Shelf > Loans.
  2. Tap Options.
  3. Tap Send to device.
  4. Tap Send to Kindle (U.S. only) to go to Amazon.
  5. From Amazon, you can finish sending the ebook to your Kindle:
    • If you're signed into Amazon, choose your device from the "Deliver to:" menu. Then, tap Get library book.
    • If you're not signed into Amazon, tap Get library book and sign in. Then, choose a device to deliver the book to.
    • Tap Close in the top-right corner to go back to Sora.

You can also make Kindle your preferred reading device to go to Amazon right after you borrow ebooks.