How to read ebooks

You can start reading ebooks right after you borrow them, or go to shelf > Loans to open them.

How to use the ebook reader

  • Tap (or click) and hold a word to define it, highlight it, or search for it in other places in the book. To select more than one word, hold and drag.
  • After you highlight one or more words, you can add a note.
  • On larger screens, select bookmark icon to make a bookmark. On smaller screens, click or tap the top-right corner of the screen to make a bookmark.
  • Use the seek bar at the bottom of the reader to jump backward or forward, or to go to a specific page in the book.
  • Click or tap menu to open the menu. From there, you can:
    • Search for a word or phrase in the book.
    • See the ebook's chapters, your bookmarks, and tips.
    • Change your reading settings. You can adjust the text size, font, and lighting for most ebooks.
    • Change the narration speed (for read-along ebooks).
  • On larger screens, click or tap display icon to change how many pages display at a time.
  • For fixed-layout ebooks, click or tap zoom icon to zoom in or out.