How to listen to audiobooks

You can start listening to audiobooks right after you borrow them, or go to shelf > Loans to open them.

How to use the audiobook player

  • Swipe (or click and drag) left to right on the cover to rewind. Swipe (or click and drag) right to left on the cover to jump forward.
  • Use the seek bar at the bottom of the player to move to a specific time in the book.
  • Click or tap speedometer icon to switch between common playback speeds. Drag down on speedometer icon to select a precise speed.
  • Click or tap sleep timer icon to set a sleep timer. Drag down on sleep timer icon to change the length of the timer.
  • Click or tap bookmark icon to make a bookmark and, if you'd like, add a note.
  • Click or tap and hold bookmark icon to highlight a section and, if you'd like, add a note.
  • Click or tap menu icon to open the menu. From there, you can see the audiobook's chapters, your bookmarks, and more.