How to enable dyslexic font

Dyslexic font is designed to make text easier to read for users with dyslexia. You can enable dyslexic font for the entire Sora app/website or in individual ebooks.

Note: The dyslexic font display option isn't available in all languages or for all ebooks.

Turning on dyslexic font for the Sora app/website

  1. Click or tap menu .
  2. Turn on Dyslexic font (under "Settings").

When you enable dyslexic font for Sora, the dyslexic font setting is automatically applied to ebooks you open.

Turning on dyslexic font in an ebook

If you decide not to turn on dyslexic font for the entire Sora app/website, you can still turn it on for individual ebooks.

  1. Go to shelf > Loans and open an ebook.
  2. Select reading settings icon.
    Note: On smaller screens, tap the center of the screen to see this option.
  3. Under "Book design," select OpenDyslexic.