How to use Sora offline in your browser

You can read or listen to books offline in Sora in these browsers:

  • Chrome (recommended; see steps below to add a Sora shortcut)
    Note: If you have a Chromebook with access to the Google Play Store, we suggest installing the Sora app for Android, which has more download space.
  • Firefox

You'll need an internet connection to sign into Sora and download books in your browser before you can read or listen offline.

The number of books you can download depends on the storage space in your browser. To see your browser's storage space (and change your download settings), go to menu > All Settings > Downloads.

To easily get to your downloaded books when you're offline, bookmark Sora in your browser.

Adding a Sora shortcut

If you're using Chrome, we suggest you add a Sora shortcut for quick access:

  1. Go to menu > All Settings.
  2. Select Downloads (under "General").
  3. Select Add a shortcut.
    Note: You won't see this option if you've already added a Sora shortcut.

You can find the shortcut on your desktop (on a computer) or in the menu (on a Chromebook).