How to use Read to Me

When you're reading an ebook, you can use Read to Me to hear up to one paragraph read aloud.

Note: If you use Sora with a screen reader, we recommend using "Read From Here" mode instead.

To use Read to Me:

  1. Click (or tap) and hold a word. To select more than one word, hold and drag.
  2. Select Read to Me.
    Note: Read to Me is only available in English and may not be available for all ebooks (including comic books and read-alongs).

  3. The text will be read aloud automatically, with the current word highlighted. From here, you can:
    • Pause playback .
    • Resume playback or restart from the beginning .
      Note: If you pause Read to Me on an Android or Chromebook, playback will always restart from the beginning.
    • Select settings to adjust playback settings, including reading speed and volume.
    • Click or tap close or close to return to the ebook.

Note: If you use Sora in Chrome on an older Android or Chromebook, Read to Me may not highlight words correctly. We suggest using the Sora app on these devices instead.

Read to Me only reads up to one paragraph. If you'd like a whole book read aloud, try read-alongs or audiobooks.